Why is Sustainable Living Hot and What’s It Got to Do With Orange Bridge Supply?

Sustainable living has become a buzzword in our society. Pick up any tabloid magazine and you’ll see tips and tricks for sustainable living in a myriad of industries. So what is sustainable living, and why is it getting so much traction right now?

Sustainable living is, quite simply, the act of living in a way that can be sustained over time. Generally, it refers to reducing our carbon footprint and waste. It involves natural rather than synthetic resources whenever possible, and using less so that those natural resources have time to renew themselves rather than continuing to suffer rapid human-caused depletion. As climate change becomes less a theory and more a certainty, sustainable living rises in popularity.

Deciding to live more sustainably means different things to different people. Some may simply choose to recycle more and throw away less. Others turn to upcycling, carpooling, and eating locally in attempts to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

So what does sustainable living have to do with Orange Bridge Supply Co?

Natural Materials

Orange Bridge Supply items are made from real leather rather than synthetic “pleather.” Leather, which is made from the hides of animals, is a resource that, when used responsibly, is renewable. That’s one of the reasons leather has retained popularity for centuries. It can be found in plentiful supply right here on earth.

By using leather, Orange Bridge Supply prevent the creation of wasteful synthetic materials. Think of how many keychains or bracelets you see that are made of plastic. Creating items out of leather uses resources that are already available in abundance rather than relying on chemically-created materials.

Quality Items

Of course, the key to sustainable living is reducing waste. Orange Bridge Supply Company helps with this by providing high-quality items every time. Leaning heavily into the Buy-it-for-Life trend, Orange Bridge Supply items won’t have to be replaced over and over again. Buy once and be assured that you will have an item that will stand the test of time.

Minimalist Packaging

Consider how often you order items online, only to have them arrive sporting unnecessary amounts of plastic wrapping, styrofoam, and/or packing peanuts. Orange Bridge Supply goes above and beyond with their minimalist packaging. Simple cardboard surrounds their products, creating an absolute minimum amount of waste in the process while still ensuring your items arrive at their destination safe and sound.