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What Your Orange Bridge Supply Color Choice Says About You

February 07, 2018

Orange Bridge Supply offers high-quality leather goods in a variety of shades. No matter what color leather you choose, you are guaranteed to be on the receiving end of beauty and style. At the end of the day, the color you choose will be based on a mix of factors, from lifestyle to personal taste. This fun, pseudo-scientific analysis guesses what kind of woman you might be based on your favorite Orange Bridge Supply leather.


This leather isn’t called “chocolate” for no reason. Women who like chocolate leather enjoy the finer things in life, from decadent truffles to one-of-a-kind, buy-it-for-life accessories. Chocolate is a color that feels equal parts soulful and sinful, and the women who prefer chocolate leather are equally multi-faceted.

English Tan

Of all the leathers Orange Bridge Supply offers, English Tan is the one that best shows the grains of the leather. It’s perfect for the rugged, outdoorsy woman who appreciates life’s little imperfections. If you like English Tan, you’re the type who likes to get a job done and isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty.


Driftwood leather has a soft, gentle feel to it. It’s perfect for the woman who isn’t trying to make a statement. If you gravitate towards driftwood leather, you’re a woman who likes to think before she acts. You carefully plan your words and actions, never one to make a big splash if you have the option of dipping a toe in the water first.


Cherry leather has a sharp, unique feel to it. It makes a statement. Women who love cherry leather are either artists or trendsetters. They’re not afraid of being different. These women have rich, active social lives and are always the life of the party. Fierce and fiery, they know how to stand up for what they believe in. 


There’s a reason all women are told to own a little black dress. Black is beautiful on every woman. It has a rich depth to it. Professional women will especially love Orange Bridge Supply’s black leather for its ability to embody the heart of professionalism while also containing a dark mystique.

Of course, this analysis is just for fun. At the end of the day, what woman wouldn't want to enjoy all of these shades of leather at one point or another? I know I would!