Top 5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts That Don’t Cost a Dime

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Here at Orange Bridge Supply Company, we’re all about personalized gift ideas. From keychains to personalized watches, you can create messages for your loved ones that will stand the test of time. But in addition to our products, what else could you be giving your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Here are the 5 most romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that don’t cost you any money.  

A Letter a Month

This DIY Valentine’s Day Gift takes nothing but some colorful paper, a shoebox, and your time, and it creates a memorable, romantic gift that your spouse will appreciate for the rest of the year.

The idea? You write your spouse twelve letters: One for every month for the next year.

The letters can include things you appreciate about them, dreams for your future, or even date night ideas for that month. Hand writing the letters can make them extra personal.

Place each letter in an envelope with the month written on the outside of it. Next, decorate a shoebox with brightly colored paper and cut-out shapes. Finally, place the 12 envelopes in the box. Now you have a sweet, romantic gift for your spouse—and it didn’t cost you a penny!

A Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Another romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea is a scavenger hunt. Specifically, it’s a scavenger hunt that uses things you share as its clues. For example, say you went to see Lego Batman as your first date. Then in your scavenger hunt, you could use “our first date” as a clue, and the next clue could be inside the Lego Batman case.

As for what the scavenger hunt leads to, that’s up to you. If you got your spouse a big gift, like tickets to a symphony, that’s obviously a good place to end the scavenger hunt. But if you’re trying not to spend money this Valentine’s day, you could also end with something like a home-cooked meal.

I Love You Notes

Grab some post-it notes and a sharpie, and you can create this romantic Valentine’s Day surprise.

Write down as many reasons as you can think of why you love your spouse. They can be serious (“I love watching you play with our children”) or silly (“I love the face you make when you’re concentrating”). The point is to come up with a lot of them.

Next, post the messages all over the house. Place 2 or 3 where your spouse is sure to see them first thing—on the bathroom mirror, maybe, or on the fridge—but stick the rest all over: on the backs of chairs, in cupboards. Not only will your spouse find notes that make them feel good about themselves on Valentine’s Day, but they’re also apt to find them for day, weeks, or even months to come, making it the gift that keeps on giving.

A Coupon Book

Coupon books are a sweet way to give your spouse a gift without having to go out and buy them something. To make this really romantic, skip the “lame” coupons that you gave your parents when you were a kid (“One Free Hug” doesn’t mean much in a romantic relationship when affection should be free anyway), and instead personalize your coupons to include things that actually matter to the two of you.

Keep in mind that if you give coupons for things that cost money, this gift can still cost you money. Some ideas for coupons that don’t cost a thing include:

  • You get to pick what we watch on Netflix tonight
  • One free back massage
  • My turn to wash the dishes, even if it’s your night
  • Half an hour of quiet time – I’ll keep the kids out of the house


For the coupon book to be meaningful, you need to make sure that each of your coupons will be things that have value—the sort of value that money can’t buy. Done right, this will be your spouse’s favorite gift this year.

A Staycation

Plan a staycation with your spouse this Valentine’s Day. Choose a time when you’ll both be able to have a few days off. Type up an itinerary, and make it clear that this date is on the books. That means that you won’t say “yes” to anyone asking you to do anything: It’s just for the two of you.

What do you do on a staycation? It depends on your spouse, but the itinerary could include things like:

  • Watching a favorite movie together
  • Going to a local tourist spot you’ve never bothered to visit
  • Playing through your favorite video games


It should not include chores, dishes, or other people.

I can tell you with some certainty that my husband would love this Valentine’s Day gift more than anything else I could give him this year.

Over and over again when we were children, we were taught the message “It’s the Thought That Counts” when it comes to gift-giving. But when you want to give a romantic Valentine’s Day gift on a budget, you realize how true that sentiment really is. When you’re not just giving flowers and chocolates, you actually have to think through a gift that would mean something to your spouse. And sometimes, that’s the best gift of all.