Top 5 Everyday Carry Gift Ideas for Men

Purchasing gifts for men can be hard work. Men—especially men with a tendency towards minimalism--want practical gifts that they can use on a regular basis. That’s why everyday carry items make the best gifts for men. These small, practical gifts can be carried with a man on a daily basis, making his everyday life easier. Meanwhile, everyday carry gifts with a sentimental touch can ensure that your man thinks of you every single day. If that sounds like the perfect gift idea for the man in your life, here’s a list of the 5 best everyday carry gift ideas for men.

Space Pen

Every professional man should have a pen on him at all times. You never know when a signature will be needed or when a phone call will need to be recorded. Space pens are an especially great choice because they are small, compact, and, unlike traditional ballpoint pens, can write at any angle. This allows you to stop and sign a form in the hallway between offices without having to find a tabletop, ensuring you move seamlessly throughout your day.

Keychain Flashlight

When the power goes out, we’re at a complete loss. Where once we would have known how to get about in the dark, we are now so accustomed to electricity that a power outage makes us feel completely out of our elements. Often, it can take us time to locate our emergency flashlights as well. With a keychain flashlight, however, a guy can locate a flashlight at a moment’s notice, whether that’s when the power goes out at home or when the tire needs changing on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Your guy is sure to love this small, functional tool that he can carry on a regular basis.

Keychain Screwdrivers

Speaking of important day-to-day tools, keychain screwdrivers are another great everyday carry gift for the handyman. Having a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver within easy reach every day ensures that a man can tighten the barstool on the way through the kitchen or put batteries in his kid’s toy without having to make a side trip to the workshop. These handy tools will add convenience to your favorite guy’s life, and he’s sure to thank you for it.

Personalized Wrist Watch

Just because guys want practical everyday carry items doesn’t mean that they don’t also appreciate sentimentality. Our personalized wrist watches are the best of both worlds. Handsome and practical, they add class to your guy’s wardrobe without adding too much weight. Best of all, you can engrave encouraging words on the back of the watch to remind him of everything he’s working for each day.

Personalized Pocket Knife

Nothing says “everyday carry” quite as succinctly as a pocket knife. A good pocket knife is a man’s best friend, and our stainless-steel personalized pocket knives come with the option to engrave one side or two with a short phrase, a date, a quote, or a name. With a luxurious rosewood handle, this pocket knife is bound to be his new favorite everyday carry item.

It’s easy to come up with a great gift idea for guys when you consider what they need every day. Quality everyday carry items make the perfect gifts for guys. We hope that this list of 5 everyday gift ideas for men makes it a little easier for you to pick out the perfect gift for any guy on your list.