Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Adult Brother

Once upon a time, your brother lived down the hall from you. He played with action figures and made inappropriate jokes in front of your friends. Back then, buying him a birthday gift was as easy as purchasing a gift card to the local comic book shop. At some point, however, he grew up, and the man he has become, though infinitely less annoying, is also infinitely harder to shop for. If you’re struggling to navigate the complexity of buying a birthday gift for your adult brother, this is the perfect top 10 list for you.

Latitude-Longitude Keychain

There are a few things you share with your brother that no one else does, and one of those things is your childhood. A latitude-longitude keychain with the coordinates of the home the two of you grew up in is a great way to remind him of your shared history. If you want his birthday gift to also tell him that you want to increase his presence in your life, you could also attach a key to your house to the keychain. This is a great way to let him know that you want to see him more often and that you see him as a friend these days rather than just as an annoying brother.

Loot Crate

Box subscriptions are a big deal right now, and everyone has their favorite, but if you’re looking for the perfect box subscription for your adult brother, Loot Crate is the way to go. Each monthly crate has a theme, such as Firefly or God of War, and is packed with exclusive merchandise to fit that theme which he is guaranteed to love.

Whiskey Stones

If your brother has grown into the kind of man who enjoys a fine drink with his evening meal, whiskey stones are a surefire hit. These stones don’t just elevate the look of a drink; they’re also an ingenious hack. The stones stay in the freezer to get cold and can be used in beverages in lieu of ice cubes—and because they’re not ice cubes, they don’t melt, which means they don’t water down his drink.

Brittle Brothers Candy

If your brother has a sweet tooth, the brittles offered by Brittle Brothers make for a deliciously indulgent birthday gift. Brittle Brothers even offers a sampler of their candies, which includes not only classics like peanut brittle and cashew brittle, but also pecan brittle and the ever-exciting bacon brittle.

Bluetooth Speaker

Music is life. Whether he’s trying to get in an early morning workout or just trying to get the dishes done, your brother is sure to appreciate the ability to rock out to his favorite playlist while he gets stuff done. Bluetooth speakers are great because they wirelessly connect to his phone, allowing him to play a playlist he already has on Pandora or iTunes without having to sacrifice audio quality.

Amiibo Figurine

Some guys grow out of video games, but even more guys don’t. If your brother is just as much of a video game fanatic now as he was when he was twelve, hey may well be collecting Amiibo figurines. These figurines can be used in conjunction with his gaming system to enhance the games he plays. If he has a Wii U, a Nintendo 3DS, or a Nintendo Switch, an Amiibo figurine will be a gift that he absolutely loves and that makes his gameplay even better going forward.  This guide to the best Amiibo figurines can help you make a solid choice on which Amiibo to buy your brother.

Unique Coffee

If your brother is a fan of his morning mocha, buying him some unique coffee can be a great birthday gift. Most of us stick to tried and true coffees, not willing to spend money on K-Cups we’re not sure we’ll love, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to try those other flavors. Buying him a sampler pack of fun flavors can be a way to help him indulge in a treat he wouldn’t normally let himself have. Meanwhile, he may find his new favorite flavor among the sampler you give him.

Gourmet Snacks

Whether your brother is the type to like quality fruit or he’s more interested in a sausage and cheese spread, a gourmet snack gift box is a surefire hit. It’s a known truth that guys like food, and gourmet snacks allow them to indulge in the high-quality food they don’t normally purchase for themselves. Harry & David is the go-to gourmet food company and can be a great place to start for ideas.

Personalized Guitar Pick

If your brother is a music lover, a personalized guitar pick will make an awesome, unique birthday gift for him. This stainless-steel guitar pick is perfectly functional and comes in a high-quality leather case, which can also be engraved. This is also a great opportunity to give your bother something a little bit sentimental while also remaining the cool sister with good taste.  

Electronics Organizer

If your brother does a lot of traveling, whether for work or for leisure, an electronics organizer will be the perfect gift for him. They’re made to keep all of his cords separated from one another so that they don’t get tangled in transit while also having room for USBs, SD cards, and mid-sized electronics like a Nintendo Switch or 3DS.

Buying a birthday gift for your brother now that he’s an adult doesn’t have to be harder than buying him a gift back when you were kids. Though his tastes have matured, he’s still essentially the same kid who slept down the hall from you all those years, with the same love of food, technology, and nerd culture that he always had. Our list of the top 10 best birthday gifts for brothers is a great first step in understanding how those tastes can mature and refine and how you can still shop with them in mind.