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January 29, 2018

The moment that you and your love decide to spend the rest of your lives together is one you’ll remember forever. My husband proposed on Easter Sunday. He set up an Easter egg hunt through the apartment we were living in at the time, with each egg filled with a tiny note telling me a reason he loved me. When I found them all, I turned around to find him on one knee, holding a golden egg with the ring inside. I’m not sure I even knew the definition of happy tears before that moment.

After the euphoria of the proposal wears off, questions of when and where wiggle to the forefront of your mind—and, believe it or not, everyone else’s. Whether you ultimately decide on a big wedding or a small wedding, chances are good you’ll want at least some other people there with you to witness and celebrate your union. Because weddings are often planned a year or more out, and because no one wants to spend that entire time answering the same three questions over and over again, save the dates have become a popular tool for the modern couple to give out the most basic information about their wedding: Where it is, what the date is, and what time it’s occurring.

Like weddings themselves, save the dates are getting more and more elaborate. My husband and I sent out replica Harry Pottertickets to tell our families to save the date and also give them an early heads-up about our theme. Just last week, we received a save the date from his sister that was a pencil with the date carved into it and a note reading “Pencil us in.” These are examples of two very different save the dates for two very different couples. The most important thing in choosing your save the date is ensuring it feels right for you. If you’re stuck on ideas, however, here are a few of our favorites.

If You Love a Good Pun

Not everyone appreciates puns, but those who do tend to reallyappreciate puns. If that sounds like you, adding a play on words to your save the date can give it a personal flair. Try a personalized keychain with the date stamped on it for a save the date your guests can keep with them from now until the big day. Include a note with it that says, “Help us find the keys to our hearts.”

If You Like to Travel

Latitude and longitude keychains are the perfect save the date idea for a couple who loves to travel. On the outside, put the latitude and longitude of your wedding venue, and on the inside the date you’re getting married. You can be sure that no one will have seen a save the date quite like it.

If You Have a Theme In Mind

Not every wedding has a theme, but those that do often carry the themes along, starting with the save the date and ending with the reception. If you’re being coy, you may just want to hint at the theme with your save the date. A great option for this is a personalized bracelet. You can put your names and the date on the outside and on the inside a significant quote that relates to your theme. For a Harry Potterwedding, for example, you may simply have the word “Always” on the inside, while for a Star Wars themed wedding the words “I know…” may be more significant.

If You Want it Short and Sweet

Perhaps your goal with the save the date is to be clear and concise. Personalized bracelets are one of the best options, working as wearable reminders to the people you love about your big day. You can simply put the date on the bracelet, or your names and the date.

Regardless of what you choose for your save-the-date, the important thing is to remember to have fun with it and to stay true to yourself. Your save-the-date should feel genuine to the people who receive it. Offering unique save-the-dates that will last, such as the ones in this post, may make recipients feel more special and involved in your big day.