Holiday Gift Ideas for Your New Boyfriend

The holiday season is magical. Twinkling lights, glistening snow, and the warm generosity of the season can all be a perfect recipe for budding romances. While starting a new relationship just before the holidays has its perks, it also has its stressors. One major stressor can be deciding what kind of gift to give to a boyfriend who you haven’t finished getting to know. You want to be sure to get something they’ll like, you don’t want it to be too generic, and you want to do it on a reasonable budget. The key to meeting all those goals successfully is to purchase a gift that is unique enough that not every guy has it, but generic enough that every guy could enjoy it. Here’s our holiday gift guide when buying presents for a new boyfriend.

A Personalized Pocket Knife

Every guy could use a good pocket knife. As an everyday carry item, it’s a great way to give him something that reminds him of you without being too in-your-face. If this is a particularly new relationship, keep in mind that you may want to personalize the knife with his nickname or his birthday or a favorite quote rather than something about the two of you. That way, if the relationship doesn’t work out but you part on good terms, he has the option to continue to use the knife.

Your Favorite Book

Books are a great way to connect to the people around us. If you’re a book lover, or he is, gifting him your favorite book can be a very personal experience. Paperclip a note to the front cover of the book explaining why it’s your favorite and maybe pulling out a particularly poignant passage from it. The note will show him that you put thought behind the present, and he’s sure to appreciate that.

A Personalized Watch

Another everyday carry item that every guy needs is a reliable, lightweight watch. These watches are made of an extremely light wood with thin, supple leather bands. They rest gently against his wrist, allowing him to work with his hands throughout the day unencumbered. The engraving on the back is a great way to immortalize a quote he loves or a memory you share. Because it’s on the back of the watch face, rather than on the front, it’s the perfect way to be both sentimental and respectful to the newness of the relationship.

Tickets to a Show

Sometimes, the best gifts we can give are experiences rather than objects, especially when we’re in new relationships. Look around your local community to see what shows are coming up and purchase two tickets to something you’ll both enjoy, whether that’s a hockey game, a comedy skit, or simply a movie at the theater. To keep any ambiguity—or hurt feelings--out of the gift, include a note saying that you can’t wait to enjoy the experience with him on your next date night.

First Date Memory

Think back to the first date you had with your boyfriend. That might be a great location to find the perfect gift for your first Christmas together. For example, if you went out to dinner, a gift card to that restaurant could be a good option. If you went to the movies, a DVD of the movie you went to see would be a great, memorable first gift on a budget.


They say that food is the way to a man’s heart, and they’re not far off. If you’re really stuck on what to get your new boyfriend for the holidays, consider putting together a little gift basket with some snack foods. If you’re gifted in the kitchen and can make him some delicious baked goods yourself, that’s great, but even if you’re not, an assortment of foods he can snack on while he’s watching movies or playing video games is sure to be a hit. Just make sure he doesn’t have any food allergies or dietary restrictions before you choose this gift—and if he does, take them into consideration when putting the basket together.

If you’re starting a new relationship around the holidays, you should be feeling the warm glow of new love, not the hot anxiety of gift giving. We hope that this gift guide gives you some ideas on meaningful presents you can give your new boyfriend that will be appreciated and won’t break the bank.