Creating a Keepsake Box for Your Daughter

There’s just something about having a daughter that makes you feel a touch sentimental. From the moment she outgrows the outfit she came home from the hospital in, you’ll find yourself getting teary-eyed at the littlest thing. As with most strong emotions, the best thing to do with the feeling of sadness you get when you see that your daughter is growing up is to channel it into something creative and productive. Creating a keepsake box for your daughter is one of the ways you can channel that energy. Instead of feeling sad when she outgrows your favorite outfit or when it’s time to replace a drawing that’s been on the fridge forever, get excited about the possibility of sharing those memories with your daughter when she’s grown. So how do you create a keepsake box for your daughter? This guide will help!

Start with the Box

The first thing that you’ll want to do when creating a keepsake box for your daughter is to decide what kind of container you want to keep things in. The goal is to have plenty of space for everything you’ll want to store over the years but not so much space that you can’t fill it. Deciding on what sort of container you want to use is a hugely personal decision. Dig deep and determine how much you’re going to want to save over the years. If you’re the type of save every drawing and every favorite toy she has over the years, you might want something more chest-sized, while if you’re the type to just save a photo from each birthday and a lock of hair, a small box may be more your size.

Personalize the Box

Once you’ve chosen a container, it can be nice to personalize it with things that remind you of your daughter. Maybe put a picture of the day she was born on the inside of it or spend an afternoon painting a design on the outside of it to make it more special to the relationship the two of you share. You can even have her other parent get involved in personalizing the box.

Put in the Big Stuff 

There are certain big-ticket items that should definitely go into the keepsake box, like her footprints from the hospital and her birth certificate. These big items will be the foundation of your daughter’s keepsake box and ensure that when you open it up, you’re reminded of why you’re making it. Other items that might go into the keepsake box to start with include hospital bands from when you delivered her, pictures of the day she was born, and the outfit you brought her home from the hospital in. You could even get her a personalized leather bracelet with the latitude and longitude of where she was born for her to grow into and wear when she gets older.

Consider Letters

One really nice thing to put in your keepsake box for your daughter are letters from you and her other parent from early in her life. In the letters, you might write down your dreams for her, what you thought when you first saw her, dreams for your future as a family, and information on her first home. Even if things don’t turn out the way you thought they would, it can be nice when she’s older to look back and reflect on how you thought parenting was going to go.

Update Regularly

Of course, the point of a keepsake box is to update it regularly with things that are important to your daughter at different seasons in her life, and in your life together. As you take favorite pictures, add them to an album that you keep in her keepsake box. As she grows older, add things like report cards and favorite toys and arts and crafts. Updating your keepsake box will make it a little easier, as she grows, to say goodbye to certain items.

Don’t Be Afraid to Remove Items

Of course, time gives perspective. Each time you add to her keepsake box, you may notice items that seemed very important at the time no longer hold as much weight. Feel free to take these items out and discard them later on. If you’re no longer excited to share them with her, chances are she’s no longer going to want those items saved, either.

Creating a keepsake box for your daughter can be a lot of work, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Not only is it a great way to let go of memories that are hard to let go of, but it can also create a beautiful bonding moment for you and your daughter when she gets older. You can even choose to go through the box regularly, like every year on her birthday, as a way to remind her how far she’s come and how much she’s grown, and decide together which items to continue holding on to and which items to say goodbye to for good.