7 Stocking Stuffers for Men Under $30

There is a certain art to packing a Christmas stocking. A perfect Christmas stocking is filled with surprises and doesn’t cost a fortune. If you’re trying to pack a Christmas stocking this year, you’ll want a blend of presents both large and small. Some presents, like candy or toothbrushes, are staples because they can take up a bit of room without breaking the bank. But to create a truly unique Christmas stocking that the recipient will love, you have to spend a little extra on one or two special gifts that will make them say “Wow!”. But since the stocking isn’t the main event of Christmas morning, you need to do that on a budget. If that sounds difficult—nearly impossible—don’t worry: We’re here to help. This list of 7 Stocking Stuffers Under $30 will help you make an impact on their Christmas morning without making too much of an impact on your bank account.

Personalized Pocket Knife

Personalized pocket knives on at the top of our list of great stocking stuffer ideas. Just about everyone can get use out of a high-quality pocket knife. The rosewood handles on these pocket knives can be engraved for a memento that will stand the test of time. And the best thing about putting the pocket knife in the Christmas stocking is that you will then have it in easy reach for the rest of Christmas.

Magnetic Wristband

If you’re filling a stocking for a man who loves to do woodwork or other handyman projects, a magnetic wristband makes the perfect stocking stuffer idea. This unique tool allows them to keep nails, screws, drill bits, and other odds and ends within easy reach while they’re working without having to resort to holding them in their mouth or trying to fiddle with them in an inconvenient pocket.


If you’re putting together a stocking for someone who loves quick, easy-to-learn games, Jaipur makes the perfect stocking stuffer. This two-person card game stands out within the genre with its unique, strategical gameplay. It’s also the perfect size for a stocking stuffer, and it offers a low-energy activity for them to do with one other person after the presents have been opened while waiting for Christmas dinner to finish cooking.

Personalized Guitar Pick

Any musician—or aspiring musician—in your family will love a guitar pick that was designed with them in mind. While these stainless steel guitar picks are fully functional, they can also make a great keepsake for any music lover, even if they don’t specifically play the guitar. They come with a beautiful leather case for safekeeping and both the case and the guitar pick can be personalized for less than $25.00.

Stainless-Steel Odor Absorber

If you’re putting together a stocking for a guy who loves to cook, a stainless-steel order absorber is a great idea. Shaped like a bar of soap, scrubbing his hands with it after cooking will help eliminate those scents, like garlic or onions, that can linger for days if you just use soap and water.

Bluetooth Beanie

Winter hats and gloves are a pretty standard stocking stuffer. The season demands good winter gear, after all. Take it to the next level for the tech lover in your life by going for a Bluetooth beanie, which allows the wearer to keep their ears warm while taking phone calls or listening to their favorite Pandora station via Bluetooth.

A Candle with a Wooden Wick

Candles aren’t just for ladies, especially if you get one with a wooden wick. These candles flicker and crackle as they burn, giving anyone nearby the cozy feeling of sitting next to a fireplace. Go for a musky rather than a fruity scent when buying a candle for a guy and you can’t go wrong.

Putting together a great stocking that the men in your life will love and appreciate doesn’t have to be hard work. Pick one or two special items, then fill the rest of the stocking with smaller items he’s sure to love, such as a favorite deodorant or a candy he doesn’t normally allow himself to indulge in. In the olden days, it was traditional to put an orange in the toe of a stocking—sometimes the only sweet food a child might receive all winter. Because of this, a piece of fresh fruit, or even a chocolate orange, can be a great—and cheap—homage to the past.