5 Stylish Gifts That Would Stand Up Against a Zombie Apocalypse

We talk a lot on this site about awesome, personal gift ideas your family will love. We even talk about stylish gifts that will stand the test of time. But how many gifts can you think of would stand up against Hollywood’s favorite imagined future: A zombie apocalypse? Just for fun, we put that question to the test. Here are 5 Stylish Gifts that would even be appreciated in a zombie apocalypse.

Personalized Pocket Knife

Okay, we’re not recommending you try to take on zombies using just a pocket knife. But there are plenty of times when a knife would be useful during a zombie apocalypse. For example, you might need to cut part of your shirt off so that you can tie up a wound, or cut open a box in the store you and your box are holed up in so that you can locate supplies. Personalized pocket knives are useful in our day-to-day life, so there’s no telling how much more useful they’d be during an apocalypse.

The Zombie Survival Guide

This book by Max Brooks is a fun, semi-gruesome book that zombie-lovers in your life will adore. The best part is, it’s literally a zombie survival guide, so if a zombie apocalypse were to occur, the owner of this book would have a leg-up on other survivors in knowing how to respond.

Astronaut Food

Let’s be real: Getting astronaut food as a stocking stuffer is just plain cool. It’s fun to imagine being in space and living on the stuff—fun to pretend that you’re an astronaut for a day. But this quick, fun gift becomes absolutely awesome in a zombie apocalypse. Astronaut food won’t spoil the way fresh food will, and it’s light-weight, so you can carry it with you as you’re running away from the zombies. Win-win.


Binoculars are a fun gift for bird-watchers and curious children alike. If the zombie apocalypse were to occur, however, they could mean the difference between knowing when the zombies are coming fast enough to escape and having a hoard of zombies sneak up on you and your whole family, making this a must-have gift if you’re worried about a coming zombie apocalypse.

The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse

Let’s be real: If the zombies don’t kill you during the zombie apocalypse, the lack of food will. This cookbook thinks through this problem, offering a cookbook just for that occasion. A fun and funny gift for both zombie-lovers and cooks in your life, it makes a great coffee table book right now. After the zombie apocalypse strikes, it will make an even better apocalyptic cook book.

Let’s be real: the zombie apocalypse probably isn’t coming any time soon. But if it does, it’s better to be prepared than not. These 5 gifts are not only fun, stylish gifts to give now, but they’d also be lifesaving gifts in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse. That seems like a win-win situation.