5 Great Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your Son or Daughter

There’s something magical about your baby growing up and buying his or her own place. It can be bittersweet: You’re proud that they are striking out on their own, but at the same time you want them to be your baby just a little while longer. As parents, our job is to support our children’s blossoming independence. One great way to do that is by offering a housewarming gift that emphasizes your pride in them while also helping make the transition to living on their own a little easier. Here are 5 great housewarming gift ideas for your son or daughter!

Paper Plates & Utensils

One of the hardest parts of moving in on your own is trying to cook for yourself and clean up afterward while you’re still in the midst of unpacking. Give your child the gift of being able to relax their expectations of themselves a little bit by giving them paper plates and utensils to get them through their first couple days in the new home. One additional benefit of this is that, because they can easily throw their plates and plasticware in the bin, they likely will, which will put them in the practice of cleaning up after they eat—a habit that will hopefully stick around once they transition to real plates and utensils.


Another great housewarming gift idea is to buy your child some grocery staples to get them through the first week in their new house. Anything from peanut butter to flour to their favorite beverages can be a great way to help them get started. A couple of frozen meals so that they don’t have to cook while they’re unpacking would certainly be appreciated as well.

A Personalized Key Chain

The first home is a big step in a person’s life—one they’ll remember until they’re old and gray. That’s why a personalized keychain with the latitude and longitude of their first home makes such a great housewarming gift. They’re sure to appreciate both the sentiment and the functionality of this practical present.

A Crockpot

The crockpot is one of the best inventions since sliced bread, especially for those of us who aren’t going on Master Chef any time soon. Crockpot meals are easy to throw together and allow you to get home at the end of the day with dinner ready, perfect for your kids who may be just beginning their careers. They’re also a nice way to help your children get some vegetables into themselves on a weekly basis.

A Personalized Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are a great first gift in a new home when there are countless boxes to open up and unpack. Giving your son or daughter a personalized pocket knife allows you to offer them a gift that’s hugely useful while also letting you offer a note of encouragement or a reminder of home for whenever things get tough. Our kids won’t always call us when they’re having a hard time, but by giving them a personalized pocket knife, they can have a tangible reminder of our love.

As parents, we’re bound to give our children a lot of help when they move into their new home, up to and including hand-me-down furniture to get them started. Still, it’s nice to offer them a little something special and personalized for their first day in their new house. Any gift that helps make life a little easier for them in their first days at their new home is sure to be appreciated, but personalized gifts can help you tell them how proud you are of them, and are sure to be cherished for years to come.