5 Great Gift Ideas for New Moms

5 Great Gift Ideas for New Moms

5 Great Gift Ideas for New Moms

Having a new baby is exciting, but it’s also a lot of hard work. New moms often find themselves exhausted, and fluctuations in hormones can mean they’re tired as well. So while it’s great to buy cute onesies for the new baby, buying a present for their tired mom is a well-appreciated option as well. Not sure what to get them? Here are 10 great gift ideas for new moms.

A Personalized Wrist Watch

When you have a new baby, everything comes down to timing. You time how long it’s been since they ate, since they napped, and since they wet their diaper. And while the watch feature on cellphones is great, it can be easy to lose track of your phone throughout the day or difficult to pull it out of your pocket when your little one won’t stop clinging to you. A wrist watch can stay on all day long, so it won’t get lost in the hubbub of parenting. Even better, you can personalize the watch with an empowering quote that can help them on their toughest new-mom days.

A Healthy Meal

Just caring for a baby is exhausting, so you can bet that the new mom in your life is struggling to get a healthy meal on the table each night. Instead, she may be relying on frozen pizzas and take-out Chinese food to get her through those first days—but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t appreciate some vegetables in her life. One of the best things you can do for a new mom is drop off a home-cooked meal with no expectation that she’ll entertain you. Just give her some real food and some vegetables and she’ll love you forever!

A Coupon for A Cleaning Service

You know what else isn’t getting done the first couple of weeks a mom brings her baby home? Basically, anything that’s not taking care of the baby. Laundry piles up. Dishes stack in the sink. New parents are lucky to squeeze a shower in when they’ve got a little one depending on them. So, help a mom out by giving her a coupon for a cleaning service to come clean her place up for an hour or two.

A Gift Card to a Spa

Getting your hair cut. Doing your nails. Getting a massage. These are all things that would be great when you’re a new mom, but which seem too selfish to actually follow through on. A gift card to a day spa can be a great way to encourage a new mom to leave Baby with Dad for a few hours and take care of herself. Considering how important self-care is after having a baby, you can really consider it a gift for the whole family.

A Babysitting Coupon

Parents of new babies won’t admit it, but what they need more than anything is for someone to push them to leave the house for a couple of hours and reconnect as a couple while someone else watches the baby. Getting them tickets to an event on a specific day, along with an offer to babysit, can be a nice, gentle way to nudge them out of the house.

It’s fun to buy gifts for a newborn baby. But at the end of the day, it’s the people taking care of the baby who need a little extra pampering. Buying gifts for new moms shows them that they matter, too—and their life isn’t just tied to the adorable little person they just created.