5 Best Gifts for Musicians

Buying the perfect gift can be hard, especially if you only have one or two points of connection with the person you’re buying for. Musicians can be a hard bunch to buy for because their passion for their art can seem so all-encompassing. However, you can use that very same passion to find a gift that they will be sure to appreciate. Each of these 5 awesome gift ideas are perfect for the impassioned musician in your life. Buy them one of these items and you’ll be sure to look like you truly get them and their craft.

High-Quality Headphones

When you know what music is supposed to sound like, the crackling, flattened audio of most headphones can be disheartening. Unfortunately, buying quality headphones is a luxury a lot of people can’t afford. If you’re looking for a big gift to get a music lover in your life, high-quality headphones that block ambient sound while making the music sound as true as it can to the day it was recorded will make you a winner every time.

Not sure where to start with headphones? CNET has a guide to the best headphones of 2019 that can help you make an informed decision about this important purchase.

Personalized Guitar Pick

Looking for a sentimental gift for the music lover in your life? A personalized guitar pick is perfect because it lets you decide the message you want to give. Meanwhile, a musician can never have enough guitar picks, making this a win-win.

Looking for ideas on how to engrave the personalized guitar pick? A favorite quote, a birthday, or their initials all make great engravings.

Bluetooth Record Player

Any music lover will tell you that music sounds best on vinyl, not CD or MP3. However, not all music is available on vinyl, and vinyl can be hard to store. Give the music lover in your life the best of both worlds by purchasing a combination Bluetooth stereo and record player. Believe it or not, this isn’t a niche item on the market: You can choose from a number of different designs.

If you want to get them started, you can also include a couple of vinyl records with the gift.

Encore Board Game

How’s your music recall? If you’ve been trying to get the music lover in your life to play more family games, giving them the board game Encore might be the key. The family-friendly game is played in teams. You receive a word, and your team has to come up with as many songs as possible that contain that word. It sounds easy, but it can be hard! Get singing and laughing together while giving your family’s music lover a little leg up in a game for once.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Does the music lover in your life love to sing in the shower? A waterproof Bluetooth speaker can make a great gift, giving them a backup band to do their best singing to. The great thing about this is that it can connect straight to their favorite phone playlist. Just be sure you’re not giving this to someone who lives in close quarters with angry neighbors: It can be hard to resist belting it out in the shower when you’ve got good music to back you up.

Music lovers are a fun group of people. If you have a musician in your life, giving them should be easy. This gift guide should help you locate the best gift for the music lover in your life—a gift they’ll appreciate and, best of all, use.