10 Great Prize Ideas for a Jack & Jill Shower

Baby showers are a celebration of a new life to come. While once a women-only affair with the intention of honoring the mom-to-be, more and more baby showers these days honor both parents-to-be with a co-ed celebration. Done correctly, these Jack & Jill baby showers can be a great time for everyone, but a lot of the tried-and-true baby shower traditions need to be modified to be fun for guys as well. One such tradition is what to give out as prizes for the baby shower games.

While the rest of the shower is all about the parents, games at baby showers are mostly about the guests. They’re a great way to pass time and bring excitement into the event, but they’re also a way to thank guests for attending. It’s traditional to give out prizes to the winners of the games. Because these prizes need to be good for anyone and be purchased on a budget, home good items such as candles or self-indulgent gifts like bath and body supplies have long been the go-to for these events. Once you introduce guys into the mix, however, these go-to prizes may no longer be the best option. If you find yourself stuck for what to bring for prizes for your co-ed baby shower, here’s a list of 10 great prize ideas under $50.

10.) A Bottle of Wine

The mom-to-be can’t drink, but at an adult-only baby shower, everyone else probably can. Wine is a great gender-neutral gift that everyone at the party can enjoy. Even those who don’t drink themselves can appreciate a bottle of wine for cooking or to bring to a dinner party in the future. If you’re not sure which wine to bring, you can always pick one with a funny name to give your party-goers a chuckle.

9.) A Blanket

While most home good items go out the window once you decide to throw a Jack & Jill shower, a comfy throw blanket is great no matter which chromosomes you have. Choose something in a neutral color like a grey or a navy to make this prize a hit.

8.) A Wooden Watch

Our wooden watches make a great Jack & Jill shower prize. Lightweight and comfortable, they can fit any size wrist. The wooden watch face and the soft leather straps look stylish on guys and girls alike, and your guests will love the fact that you found a unique prize idea for your coed baby shower.

7.) Bears Vs. Babies

Why not end a game with another game? While almost any small, easy-to-learn game would make a great shower prize for guys and girls alike, Bears vs. Babies has the added benefit of seeming almost thematic, which is sure to give your guests a laugh. You may even find some of the party-goers sitting down for a round or two towards the end of the shower when the other events have wound down.

6.) Movie Night

For an easy prize that everyone will love, grab a popcorn bowl and a couple of theater-sized candies from the grocery store and pack them up with a DVD.

5.) A Nice Water Bottle

We’re living in the fitness age, and guys and girls alike are trying to get more water into their daily life. A nice water bottle is a great way to get a high-quality prize for your guests while still spending a reasonable amount of money. Munchkin, a brand that has long been known for selling sippy cups for toddlers, now has an adult water bottle, which could be a fun way to gift a prize your adult guests will love while making a nod to the baby theme.

4.) A Funny Coffee Mug

If you have a good thumb on your guests’ sense of humor, getting a coffee mug with a funny saying on it is a great gender-neutral prize idea. You could even enhance it by pairing it with some novelty coffee or cocoa.

3.) A Scratch-Off Poster

For another unique gift idea, try a scratch-off poster. These Top 100 posters come in different varieties, such as a Top 100 Book poster or a Top 100 Movie Poster. As they read the book or watch the movie, they can scratch it off to showcase their progress. This not only gives them bragging rights, but it also gives them a fun new goal for the future.

2.) A Portable Phone Charger

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and there’s little in this world that’s as inconvenient as your phone running out of juice when you need it. A portable phone charger ensures that this doesn’t happen. Guys will love that it’s a gadget, and girls will love the convenience, making it a perfect win-win.

1.) A Gift Card

When all else fails, a gift card is a great prize idea because party-goers can buy what they need with it. Bookstores, gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants are all safe places to get gifts cards to that almost everyone will be able to use.

Buying for a Jack & Jill shower doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, throwing a Jack & Jill shower can give you space to be more creative than usual when choosing prizes for the games, ensuring that the shower is a memorable occasion for everyone who attends.