10 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Husband

The holidays are supposed to be a time of cheer and good tidings, but often they turn into a high-pressure season. It can be a real struggle to find the perfect gift for your husband during the holidays. Often, the things that he needs feel more like joint gifts than anything else, which can make it difficult to give him something useful and meaningful that really feels like it’s just for him. If you’re struggling with finding the perfect gift for your husband this winter, this list of 10 unique husband gifts should help!

10.) A Magnetic Wristband

If your husband is the kind of guy who likes to fix things around the house or out in the car, a magnetic wristband is a unique and useful way to support him. The wristband allows him to stick drill bits, nails, and screws securely nearby without having to worry about carrying them in his mouth or dropping them at an inopportune moment. Though perhaps not the most romantic gift on the planet, it’s a gift he’s sure to appreciate the utility of for years to come.

9.) A Two-Person Board Game

Giving your husband a game the two of you can play together is a great way to tell your husband that you enjoy his company and want to spend more time with him. While cribbage is perhaps the best known 2-person board game, more and more games are coming out these days that can be enjoyed by two. If you like board games and want to try something a bit more innovative, try looking into The Big Book of Madness, Firefly: The Board Game, or Hive, all of which are challenging and fun games for two players.

8.) A Bluetooth Speaker

Men love their gadgets, so consider getting your husband a speaker that he can hook up to his phone via Bluetooth. Perfect for his man cave, home office, or workbench, this is a great way to let him know that you respect his me-time as well as the time you spend together. These days, they make Bluetooth speakers in all sorts of shapes, so you could get him an R2D2 Bluetooth Speaker or Star Trek Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker, for example, for a nerdy décor item that he’ll love.

7.) A Personalized Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are a great gift to get your husband. There’s something uniquely masculine about carrying a blade around on a daily basis. But while anyone can get their husband a pocket knife for the holidays, it takes forethought to get them a personalized pocket knife. Ideas for the perfect engraving include your wedding date or the birthdates of your children or grandchildren.

Pro tip: You can surprise your husband by putting this into his stocking to start the day with, and then your family will have a knife on hand to open difficult packages throughout the day.

6.) An Electronics Organizer

If your husband does a lot of traveling, either for work or because the two of you like to travel, he’ll love a way to neatly organize his electronics for the road. A good electronics organizer will keep his cords and accessories from tangling together while keeping his screens safe and secure.

5.) A Grooming Kit

If your husband is meticulous about his beard, a grooming kit is the perfect luxury item. It’s a way to tell your husband that you think he should be spoiled and enjoy his alone time. Just think of how you’d feel if he gave you everything you needed for a home spa and you’ll understand what a great, unique gift this is for a guy.  

4.) Luxury Coffees

If your husband is a coffee drinker, getting him some K-cups with unique flavors can be a great gift. A good cup of coffee can start your whole day off on a relaxing note. By gifting your husband luxury coffees, you’re offering him a higher-than-average start to his days, and he is sure to love it every time.

3.) Tickets to a Comedy Show

Sometimes, the best gift is the gift of an experience. Laughing is great for the body and soul. When you laugh, you secrete endorphins that make you feel good. For an experience that the two of you will both enjoy, tickets to a comedy show can ensure you have a great date night someday in the future. Just be sure to have a sitter secured ahead of time so that there are no surprises!

2.) A Personalized Watch

There was once a time when watches were a beloved treasure. Fathers would hand their timepieces down to their sons to care for and learn responsibility with. These days, smartphones have made it so fewer men own watches than before. The result is that the men who do own watches look more sophisticated and refined as a result. Our personalized wooden watches are lightweight and comfortable to wear in any industry, and the back of the watch face can be engraved with a message your husband will cherish for years to come.

1.) A Decanter

One of the few times you can get away with gifting your husband a home décor item is when you get it for his man cave. True connoisseurs of spirits will appreciate a beautiful glass decanter to display atop their home bar. Decanters are a useful item that can also be decorative in nature. The decanter linked above, for example, is etched to look like a globe and has a glass ship inside, perfect for a man travel or history.

Buying a gift for your husband should be a fun experience. Hopefully this list of 10 great gifts for your husband got your mind racing so that you can find the perfect gift for your husband this holiday season.