10 Jobs Women Excel At When Compared to Men

On average, women make 80% of what men make. This gender pay gap is due to a lot of factors, including both straight-up discrimination and the subtler fact that women still tend to take on more childcare responsibilities than men. This can mean that women take a few years off from work to stay home with their children, putting them a few years behind men in terms of promotions. It can also mean they take more time off to picks sick kids up from daycare than men do, making them look less reliable to employers. Employers could fix this issue by offering more flexible work hours to allow women to take care of their responsibilities at home while still giving 100% to work—and they should, because there are some jobs women do even better than men. Here are just ten examples.

  1. Truck Drivers

If you thought driving a big rig was a man’s job, think again. The reason men pay more car insurance than women do is that, statistically, women are safer drivers. Less impulsive and less likely to take risks, studies show that female drivers are much safer than their male counterparts. In fact, about 80% of fatal car accidents occur when men are behind the wheel.

  1. Money Managers

The same hormone that makes men more likely to take risks while driving—testosterone—also makes them more likely to take financial risks. Women have been shown to be better investors than men and tend to make more money when investing than their male counterparts.

  1. Politicians

Shown to be more persuasive than men and also better team players, women are more able to reach across party lines and compromise with each other, which can make them better politicians than men. Women also tend to be more compassionate than men, meaning more treaties and fewer wars. This is especially relevant since men are significantly more likely to succeed in politics than women, with only about a quarter of political roles going to women. Encouraging women in politics may mean better progress in the future.

  1. Managers

Though men may believe that they make better managers than women, studies show they do not. Women tend to think more about their employees than men do, with men caring more about the company. As a result, employees tend to like their female bosses better, work harder for them, and stick around longer.

  1. Yoga Instructors

Women’s bodies are more suited for yoga than men’s bodies. This is because the female body is naturally more flexible than the male body. Past these differences, however, women are also more likely to choose yoga than men are because men tend to gravitate towards competitive sports instead. Meanwhile, women have the patience necessary to succeed and encourage others as yoga instructors.

  1. Gynecologist

In fairness to men, women are not necessarily better at the actual science of gynecology than men are. However, women tend to prefer having other women look at their privates rather than having men look at their privates, and they tend to be more comfortable opening up to a woman about their personal lives. As a result, female gynecologists tend to be more successful—and more sought out—than their male counterparts. Fear of lawsuits also means that many hospitals now require male gynecologists to have female nurses in the room with them when they do examinations, which can cost the hospital more money.

  1. Secretary

Women tend to be better at multitasking than men, which means that jobs where you have to listen on the phone and type simultaneously, or get multiple tasks done in short order, are better suited for women. So while being a secretary may be a stereotypically female job, it’s also a job better suited to women than to men.

  1. Video Game Designers

Who makes the best video games? That’s right: Women. In fact, 52% of all gamers are women. Despite this fact, a ridiculously small proportion of video game designers are women. But as demand for better representation of women in games increases, so does the need for more female video game designers, who are better able to represent the wide variety of types of women in the world.  

  1. Farmers

When people hear about jobs that involve manual work, the instinct is to think that men are better suited at them than men. But farming is one of the few jobs where women actually tend to make more money than men. Since farming is a results-oriented business, you can only conclude that women actually excel here.

  1. Advertisers

Marketing and advertising are a woman’s domain. Why? Society has trained women to be more social than men and to pay more attention to what other people think than men do. Because of that, women tend to find it easier to get into another person’s head, making them better at advertising than their male counterparts.

The gender gap is complicated issue. But one thing that’s clear is that there are some roles women are better suited for than society often gives them credit for. As we change our perceptions of men’s roles versus women’s roles in society, we may also find the gender gap reducing significantly. And that’s better for all of us!