10 Important Locations to Commemorate on a Keychain

Life is about the people we meet and the memories we make. When you think back on the most important moments in your life, you remember not just who was there, but where you were. Those key locations hold a part of our souls within them. That’s why personalized keychains make such a great gift: they are both practical and sentimental, a way to unlock the now while celebrating the past. Here are ten of the most sentimental locations you can commemorate with your latitude/longitude keychain.

A Birthplace

Any parent can tell you that the place their child was born holds a significant place in their heart. Children are one of the dearest treasures in this world, and celebrating how and where they came into the world is incredibly special. That’s why giving a latitude/longitude keychain of a child’s birthplace to a parent is one of the most sentimental gifts you could give.

A Childhood Home

If you lived in the same home your entire childhood, there’s a good chance that it holds special memories for you. That’s one of the reasons striking out of the home can be such a bittersweet time in your life: Because while it’s exciting to make your own mark on the world, it’s also hard to leave behind a place that’s been so important to you for so long. Giving someone a latitude/longitude keychain to remember their childhood home is a great way to remind them that they always have somewhere to go home to.

A Meeting Place

What’s the most vivid memory you have of your best friend? Maybe it’s the place you met or the place you spend the majority of your time. Either one of these would make a great location for a latitude/longitude keychain to give to them. This would display how special the time you spent with them was to you and how much you value the weight of your friendship.

A First Apartment

Buying the first apartment is a huge step. Even the cheapest, most run-down apartment is still a step towards independence. Giving the gift of a latitude/longitude keychain with the coordinates to someone’s first apartment can help them look back on that special moment for years to come, remembering their first tangible step towards adulthood.

A First Date

If you’ve been with your significant other for a long time, it makes sense for you to want to celebrate the beginning of your relationship. The location of your first date can hold special meaning for both of you. However romantic—or awkward—your origin story, celebrating it with a latitude/longitude keychain is a great way to show that you understand how important it was as a building block of who you have become as a couple.

A University

Universities are where some people make their fondest memories. It’s the first chance they have to explore and challenge their ideologies, make friends who share similar goals as them, and make real mistakes without their parents there to stop them. It’s no wonder that many people, therefore, have a soft spot for the university they graduated from. If you know that someone holds their university in high esteem, a latitude/longitude keychain with that university’s coordinates on it would have special significance for them.

A First House

Even more than a first apartment, a first house is, for some, a sign that they have finally “made it.” Especially with rising costs of homes, being able to save up enough money for a down-payment and build enough credit to qualify for a loan can be a tremendous milestone. This makes a latitude/longitude keychain to celebrate the first home a particularly sweet gift idea.

A Marriage Place

One of the biggest moments in any relationship is the moment that a couple seals the deal, going from “dating” to “married.” A wedding may take months of planning and cost thousands of dollars, or it may be as simple as signing some paperwork at town hall, but either way, it celebrates a union between two people in love. It’s special and significant, and that’s why the place it happens—wherever that place may be—will always hold special meaning to the couple involved.

A Family Business

Not everyone is fortunate enough to follow their dreams or start their own business. Those who do both and start up a family business that they feel passionate about throw themselves into their work. It becomes one of the most important places in the world to them. Understanding that and celebrating that passion with a latitude/longitude keychain can show them that you understand what that family business really means to them.

A Resting Place

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things any of us will experience. While it can be necessary to say goodbye, it’s also important to keep remembering your lost loved ones and celebrating the life they did have. Having a latitude/longitude keychain with their final resting place on it can be a great way to remind yourself to think about them while also coming to terms with their passing.

There are countless important locations in everyone’s life. That’s why it makes so much sense to create little reminders of these locations—physical, tangible things that people can reach for when they need to bring the warmth of a good memory into their heart for the day.