10 Best Thank-You Gifts to Give the Wedding Party

Just when you think that you’ve finished planning your wedding—just when you think your budget is stretched to the max—you remember that you’re supposed to give thank-you gifts to everyone in your wedding party. It’s a mad scramble to the internet to find gifts that appeal to multiple personality types and say, “I appreciate you” without breaking your already teetering budget. Having gone through the process myself just a couple of years ago, I can help you navigate the world of wedding party presents. Here, in no particular order, are 10 of the best thank-you gifts you can give your wedding party.

1.) Personalized Bracelets

If you want to give the members of your wedding party a sentimental reminder of the big event, personalized bracelets are a great way to say exactly what you want to say. Maybe you’ll put your nickname for each of your friends on their bracelets, or an inside joke from the bachelorette party, or maybe a quote that encapsulates your wedding’s theme. Whatever it is, there’s nothing that shows off your personality and personal take on a situation quite as well as a personalized item. These leather bracelets are soft to wear and rest flat, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone, and because they are leather, guys and girls will both feel great wearing them.

2.) Comfy PJs

If you’re planning for your bash to go late into the evening, some comfy PJs to change into afterward can be a great wedding gift for your wedding party. If it’s your style, you can even set a time for everyone to change out of their fancy duds and into the PJs to enjoy the latter half of the reception in comfort. This can make a great photo op for you and your friends; just before you’re clear on their clothing sizes before you order.

3.) Front Pocket Wallets

Front pocket wallets are a great way to celebrate your wedding party while also giving them an easy, convenient way to store their IDs and credit card during the big day. And if you’ve been looking for a compromise between buying your wedding party’s drinks and not, you can always tuck a couple of drink vouchers or some money into the wallets to cover a drink or two but not an entire binge.

4.) Wood Wick Candles

Candles are a great gift for everyone. They smell good, they’re comforting, and they help when the power goes out. Better than regular candles, however, are wood wick candles. They crackle as they burn, giving off that sweet, nostalgic feel of warming up next to the fireplace. Just be sure to choose a mild scent that everyone will enjoy.

5.) Wine Samplers

You know another great way to help your wedding party have a little alcohol without overdoing it? Gift them some wine samplers. It’s a great way for them to try wines they haven’t tried before in reasonably-sized doses.

6.) A Latitude-Longitude Keychain

There’s something beautifully mysterious about seeing latitude-longitude coordinates on a keychain. You can personalize the keychains you give out to your wedding party to go to any key location in the world, whether it’s where you first met that friend, where they currently live, or the coordinates of your wedding venue. Whatever location you think they’ll cherish going forward, you can give them a keychain that will not only hold their keys but will also hold deep meaning in their lives.  

7.) High-Quality Water Bottles

There’s a difference between the water bottle you get at the dollar store and the nice, high-end water bottles that you take with you everywhere. If you want to give your wedding party a gift they’ll reuse after the wedding, a high-quality water bottle is a sure hit. Glass water bottles are really popular right now, as are water bottles that stay cold for a long time. And the best part is, if you gift some good water bottles, you might encourage your wedding party to stay hydrated throughout the night.

8.) Hangover Kit

If you want a wedding party gift that you can DIY, putting together some hangover kits can be a great idea. Include some breath mints, salty snacks, water, and Ibuprofen so that if they do indulge a little too much on the day of the wedding, the day after doesn’t have to be too terribly rough. You can even have these gifts delivered directly to their hotel rooms with a little card from you and your spouse-to-be.

9.) Scrapbook

If you’re really the crafty sort and you have some extra time to DIY before your wedding, putting together a scrapbook of all the crazy antics you got up to together can be a great gift. Services like Shutterfly can make it easy to put together a scrapbook once and print it multiple times for everyone in your wedding party, which can save time without breaking the bank.

10.) A Movie Night

Don’t forget that your wedding party is putting time, effort, and energy into your big day as well—and afterward, they’ll be just as desperate for a breather as you are. Help them out by giving them a new movie—I suggest a comedy—along with some movie snacks and popcorn to encourage them to have a nice, lazy day on the couch after your wedding is over.

There are all sorts of wedding parties. Some are serious, some are goofy, some are family, some are friends. And for all the kinds of wedding parties in existence, there are all kinds of perfect wedding party gifts. The best way to find gifts that will work for your wedding is to think of the individuals in your wedding party and what they’ll appreciate most. Hopefully, this list helps by having a little something for everyone and for every budget.